February 27, 2024


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Wisconsin Assembly Leader Backtracks on Impeachment Threat Against Liberal Supreme Court Justice

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Wisconsin Assembly Leader’s Impeachment Backtrack

In a surprising turn of events, the Republican leader of Wisconsin’s Assembly, Robin Vos, has backtracked on his earlier threat to pursue the impeachment of Justice Janet Protasiewicz, a new liberal state Supreme Court justice. The threat was prompted by her involvement in the redistricting challenge, aligned with Democrats seeking to invalidate Republican-drawn electoral maps.

The Initial Threat

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos initially threatened possible impeachment if Justice Protasiewicz did not recuse herself from the redistricting challenge, expressing concerns over her views.

The Backtrack

Vos, in a recent interview, expressed a shift in his stance, labeling the possibility of impeachment as “super unlikely.” However, he did not entirely rule it out, stating that it remains a tool in their toolbox.

Constitutional Grounds

The Wisconsin Constitution reserves impeachment for “corrupt conduct in office, or for crimes and misdemeanors.” Vos had initially raised the possibility of impeachment following Protasiewicz’s comments about the Republican-drawn legislative boundary maps.

Expert Opinions and Implications

Impeachment has garnered bipartisan opposition, and advice sought from former conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court justices concluded that impeachment was not warranted. If the Assembly were to impeach Protasiewicz and the Senate convicted her, Democratic Governor Tony Evers would appoint her replacement.

Key Points:

– Republican leader of Wisconsin’s Assembly backtracks on impeachment threat against liberal state Supreme Court justice.
– Impeachment was initially considered due to Justice Protasiewicz’s involvement in a redistricting challenge.
– Impeachment has drawn bipartisan opposition, and expert opinions have deemed it unwarranted.
– If impeached and convicted, Democratic Governor Tony Evers would appoint Protasiewicz’s replacement.

In conclusion, the concerning threat of impeachment against Justice Janet Protasiewicz seems to have simmered down, but the lingering implications reinforce the delicate balance between political aspirations and judicial independence within the state of Wisconsin.

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