February 27, 2024


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Vestwell Raises $125 Million to Power Workplace Savings Programs: Lightspeed Venture Partners Leads Preempted Funding Round

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Vestwell Raises $125 Million to Revolutionize Workplace Savings Programs

Vestwell, a New York-based fintech firm that facilitates workplace savings programs, has successfully secured $125 million in funding from a “preempted” round, with Lightspeed Venture Partners at the helm. The round also saw the participation of existing backers Fin Capital, Primary Venture Partners and FinTech Collective, along with new investors Blue Owl and HarbourVest.

Company Overview

Vestwell, led by CEO Aaron Schumm since its inception in 2016, boasts a cloud-native platform established in 2017. The company has raised an impressive total of $227.5 million in funding, revealing a substantial growth trajectory.

Impressive Growth and Financial Performance

Schumm remains tactful regarding the company’s valuation but shared notable statistics, including a staggering three-year revenue growth exceeding 1,000% and a projected increase of over 100% in annual recurring revenue (ARR) and volume for 2023. Significantly, Vestwell indicates a near-term path to profitability, underpinned by its prior profitability before the Series D funding.

Partnerships and Market Impact

Vestwell’s platform serves over 1 million individuals from 300,000 businesses, aiding in the management of nearly $30 billion in assets. The company collaborates with financial institutions, state governments, and payroll companies to generate revenue through a monthly fee structure.

Expanding Reach and Impact

Vestwell’s operational scope extends beyond traditional retirement programs, encompassing health and education initiatives. Its commitment to innovation is evident through its recent acquisition of student loan benefits provider Gradifi from Morgan Stanley, reinforcing its diversification and expansion strategy.

Future Plans and Utilization of Capital

With the latest funding injection, Vestwell aims to bolster its state-savings programs and further enhance its product portfolio. The company’s strategic allocation of funds also earmarks approximately half for potential acquisitions, signaling an intent to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Industry Recognition and Endorsement

Lightspeed Venture Partners’ endorsement of Vestwell underscores the company’s disruptive influence within the savings landscape. The affirmation of Vestwell’s dominance and innovation exemplifies a noteworthy milestone for the fintech sector.

Key Points:

– Vestwell secures $125 million in preempted funding from prominent investors, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners.
– The company demonstrates exceptional financial performance, with a three-year revenue growth exceeding 1,000% and a projected 100% increase in ARR and volume for 2023.
– Vestwell’s strategic utilization of funds includes prioritizing state-savings program initiatives and potential acquisitions, in addition to product enhancement and development.
– The acquisition of Gradifi from Morgan Stanley signifies Vestwell’s commitment to diversification and innovative expansion in the fintech space.

In summary, Vestwell’s successful funding round and strategic utilization of capital underscore its position as a pioneering force in reshaping workplace savings programs, positioning the company for continued growth and innovation.

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