June 21, 2024


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Unlocking Immortality: The Rise of Live Forever Mode in Virtual Reality

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Unlocking Immortality: The Rise of ‘Live Forever Mode’ in Virtual Reality

Imagine being able to have a conversation with a loved one who has passed away, hearing their voice, feeling their presence, and experiencing their essence as if they were still with you. This is the concept behind the emerging technology of “live forever mode” in virtual reality, which aims to create digital avatars of individuals that can simulate their voice, mannerisms, and movements after just 30 minutes of observation.

The Vision of Immortality

Artur Sychov, a technology entrepreneur, initiated the development of “live forever mode” after experiencing the pain of potentially losing his father to cancer. His vision was to create a tool that allows individuals to interact with digital avatars of their deceased loved ones, preserving their memories and personalities for future generations. The goal is to provide a means for people to continue their relationships with the departed, alleviating the grief of losing them.

Reimagining the Relationship with the Deceased

The introduction of “live forever mode” is just one instance of companies worldwide reimagining our interactions with the deceased. While the concept holds promise for some, there are also concerns raised by cyber psychologists regarding the exploitation of existential fears for commercial gain.

Trialling the Technology

Artur’s company, Somnium Space, is currently trialling the “live forever mode” in its 3D metaverse platform, offering users the opportunity to create, interact, and trade within a virtual environment. The platform has garnered significant user engagement and showcases the potential of this technology to redefine virtual interactions and legacies.

The Allure of Legacy and Immortality

Users of the technology express excitement at the prospect of immortalizing their essence and preserving their legacies for future generations. The idea of creating an enduring avatar that future relatives can connect with and learn from has captured the imagination of many.

Unanswered Questions and Concerns

While the “live forever mode” is set to launch later this year, there are lingering questions regarding subscription fees, post-creator payments, and the ethical implications of data privacy and control. The potential for unauthorized use of personal data after death raises concerns about impersonation and manipulation.

Key Points:

– The “live forever mode” technology aims to create digital avatars of deceased individuals for interaction and preservation of memories.
– Companies, including Somnium Space, are reimagining the relationship with the deceased through virtual reality platforms.
– Users are intrigued by the prospect of creating enduring digital legacies for future generations.
– Concerns persist regarding subscription fees, posthumous payments, and data privacy and control after death.

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