April 13, 2024


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Understanding Xs Updated Abuse and Harassment Policy: New Rule Against Intentional Misgendering

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The significance of respecting individuals’ gender identities and names has been a topic of much debate and concern in the digital sphere. X, a renowned social networking service, recently updated its abuse and harassment policy to address intentional misgendering and deadnaming. These changes aim to provide a safer and more inclusive online environment for all users.

X’s Updated Policy

In its latest update in January, X introduced a new rule against intentional misgendering and deadnaming. The platform will now reduce the visibility of posts that use incorrect pronouns for individuals or refer to them by names they no longer identify with. This initiative is part of X’s ongoing efforts to combat harassment and discrimination on its platform.

Responsibility and Complexity

Under the new policy, X will take action on a post only if the target individual reports the violation. This places the burden on the target, potentially leading to them being blamed for not reporting such instances. While X acknowledges the complexity of determining violations, this approach raises concerns about the accountability of the platform in addressing such issues.

Impact and Visibility Reduction

X’s response to violations involves reducing the visibility of offending posts by removing them from search results, home timelines, trends, and notifications. Additionally, these posts will be downranked in the replies section and can only be discovered through the authors’ profiles. Furthermore, they will not be displayed with adjacent ads, mitigating potential ad revenue losses due to harmful content.

Implications and Reactions

The updated policy comes in the wake of previous criticisms against X for its handling of transphobic content and the platform owner, Elon Musk’s, history of engaging with anti-trans discourse. Organizations like GLAAD emphasize the need for clear policies prohibiting misgendering and deadnaming of trans individuals, highlighting the importance of creating a safer environment for marginalized communities.

Key Points:

– X updated its abuse and harassment policy to address intentional misgendering and deadnaming.
– Individuals are responsible for reporting violations under the new policy, raising concerns about accountability.
– X will reduce the visibility of posts that violate the new policy, aiming to create a safer online environment.
– GLAAD and other organizations stress the importance of clear policies to protect marginalized communities from harassment and discrimination.

In conclusion, X’s updated abuse and harassment policy reflects the platform’s commitment to fostering a more respectful and inclusive online community. By addressing intentional misgendering and deadnaming, X aims to create a safer space for all users, emphasizing the importance of respecting individuals’ gender identities and names.

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