February 27, 2024


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Streamlining AI Content on Steam: Valves New Rules for Game Developers

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Valve’s New Rules for Game Developers on Steam

Valve has recently announced new rules for game developers aiming to add more games with AI content to the Steam gaming platform. These rules are designed to ensure that AI-generated content in games complies with legal and ethical standards.

Updated Content Survey Form

Valve is updating its content survey form for developers to include a section where they can describe how they use artificial intelligence in their games. Developers are required to provide detailed information if they used AI tools to generate art, code, sound, or any other type of content for their games.

Evaluation and Transparency

Valve will evaluate each game to ensure that developers have submitted truthful information about their use of AI. Additionally, the company will check if any AI-generated content infringes on copyright laws or includes illegal material. Furthermore, Valve will be transparent with gamers by disclosing the type of AI content a developer’s title includes on the Steam store page.

Guardrails for Live-Generated AI Content

For live-generated AI content, developers have to inform Valve about the guardrails they’ve implemented to prevent their games from creating anything considered illegal. Valve acknowledges that it cannot review all real-time content, so it’s introducing a new system on Steam that allows players to report any concerns they have about AI-generated content.

Future Considerations

Valve’s new rules are a result of the company’s efforts to enhance its understanding of the AI landscape and associated risks. While the current rules prohibit games with live-generated adult sexual content, Valve plans to revisit and refine its rules as it learns more about AI technology and its legal implications.

Key Points:

– Valve is updating its content survey form for developers to include a section for describing the use of AI in games.
– The company will evaluate games to ensure developers have provided truthful information about their AI use.
– Valve will be transparent about the type of AI content included in games on the Steam store page.
– Developers must implement guardrails for live-generated AI content to prevent the creation of illegal material.
– Valve intends to revisit its rules as it gains more knowledge about AI technology and its legal complexities.

Valve’s new rules for AI content in games on Steam demonstrate the company’s commitment to ensuring that developers comply with legal and ethical standards when integrating AI into their games. These measures aim to maintain a fair and safe environment for gamers while accommodating the evolving landscape of AI technology.

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