February 27, 2024


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Samsung Unveils Exciting Updates for SmartThings Home Automation at CES 2024

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Samsung’s SmartThings Updates Unveiled at CES 2024

Samsung has just revealed its latest innovations in home automation during the CES 2024 event in Las Vegas. The updates to the SmartThings platform are set to offer users an even more seamless and interactive smart home experience.

A New Dashboard and Quick Panel

One of the highlights of the announcements is the introduction of a new dashboard screen, Now Plus. This feature is designed to integrate with select Samsung TVs, activating as users approach to provide essential information about smart home devices and real-time statistics such as indoor temperature. Furthermore, a new “quick panel” will provide convenient access to shortcuts for managing connected devices, as well as assisting in locating misplaced smartphones and other mobile gadgets.

Map View and SmartThings Maps

Another significant enhancement is the introduction of a “map view” for SmartThings, reminiscent of Amazon’s recent Map View feature. This interactive map offers users a visual representation of their home, including the precise locations of smart home devices like washing machines and refrigerators. Users can manually create these maps or leverage the assistance of a photo of their floor plan or employ a lidar-enabled Samsung device, such as the upcoming Ballie robot or the new JetBot robot vacuum. Additionally, the SmartThings Maps will include charming “AI characters” representing family members and pets within the home, which react to real-time conditions (such as appearing to sweat if the house becomes too warm).

Compatibility and Availability

These innovations are anticipated to enhance user experience by providing an intuitive and interactive way to manage one’s smart home. Once the maps are generated using the SmartThings app on a smartphone or tablet, they will be viewable on supported Samsung devices such as TVs, the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge, and Samsung’s M8 monitors.

Key Points:

– Samsung announced updates and capabilities for its SmartThings home automation platform at CES 2024.
– New features include the Now Plus dashboard and a quick panel for on-demand access to device controls and smartphone locating functions.
– The introduction of map view and SmartThings Maps aims to provide an interactive visual representation of smart home devices within a user’s home.
– The SmartThings app will allow users to generate these maps, which will then be viewable on supported Samsung devices.

In conclusion, Samsung’s latest unveilings at CES 2024 demonstrate the company’s commitment to enhancing the smart home experience for its users. The new features and capabilities showcased are poised to transform the way individuals interact with their smart devices, offering a more personalized and intuitive home automation experience.

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