February 27, 2024


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Revolutionizing Fall Detection: Serenity Unveils Breakthrough Technology at CES

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Revolutionizing Fall Detection Technology Unveiled at CES

Serenity, the groundbreaking fall-detection system developed by Cherish Health in collaboration with Alarm.com, has made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Unlike traditional wearables, Serenity utilizes innovative radar technology and AI to monitor individuals within a 40-foot range, even through walls. This technology offers detailed insights into users’ activities without compromising their privacy.

Advanced Radar Technology and AI Integration

Serenity’s cutting-edge radar technology combined with AI enables it to track individuals without the need for wearables or invasive devices. This breakthrough system can construct a detailed 13-point skeleton model of individuals in near-real-time, distinguishing between intentional lying down and falls, including slow falls that traditional accelerometers may miss.

Privacy-Focused and Multi-Functionality

One significant advantage of Serenity is its commitment to privacy, as it operates without the use of cameras or intrusive devices. It provides peace of mind to users by allowing them to continue their daily activities without feeling monitored or tracked. In addition to fall detection, Serenity can also monitor resting heart rate and respiration from a distance, potentially revolutionizing home healthcare.

Wide-Ranging Applications and Market Interest

The implications of Serenity’s technology extend beyond fall detection and healthcare. Cherish envisions broader applications for its patented technology, including concealed weapon detection in public spaces and health monitoring in vehicles. The company’s localization of manufacturing and anticipated order of half a million units reflect significant market interest in this groundbreaking solution.

Competitive Pricing and Unique Device Features

With a price point of $300 plus a $39 per month subscription, Serenity is positioned competitively within the market, offering features comparable to a smart speaker with a help button. The device is designed to seamlessly integrate into the home environment and also functions as a two-way speaker and music player, adding further value to its functionality.

Key Points:

– Serenity, a collaboration between Cherish Health and Alarm.com, utilizes radar technology and AI for fall detection without the need for wearables.
– It offers privacy-focused monitoring, detecting falls and even monitoring heart rate and respiration from a distance.
– Cherish Health envisions broader applications for its technology and has received significant market interest, indicating its potential impact.

In conclusion, Serenity’s debut marks a significant advancement in fall detection technology, offering a promise of independence, safety, and peace of mind for the aging population and potentially revolutionizing various other fields.

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