February 27, 2024


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Peak XV: Venture Capital Portfolio Companies from India, Southeast Asia, and Australia Embark on Immersion Trip to Silicon Valley

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Peak XV Portfolio Companies Embark on Immersion Trip to Silicon Valley

Venture capital firm Peak XV, which recently parted ways with Sequoia Capital, is facilitating an “immersion” trip to Silicon Valley for its portfolio companies hailing from India, Southeast Asia, and Australia. The purpose of the trip is to provide an opportunity for approximately 60 founders, many of whom are backed by Peak XV’s Surge program, to engage with industry leaders and visit prominent AI research centers in the Valley.

Networking and Learning Opportunities

During this week-long program, the participating founders will engage in strategic sessions with executives from renowned organizations such as OpenAI and Nvidia. Additionally, they will have the chance to interact with industry stalwarts, including Sequoia partner Doug Leone, Uniphore chief Umesh Sachdev, and DoorDash advisor Gokul Rajaram. The itinerary aims to offer valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities to the portfolio companies.

Push towards AI and Deep Tech

Peak XV’s commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the AI and deep tech domains is evident from the substantial 77% representation of AI and deep tech startups in its latest Surge batch. This focus aligns with the firm’s aggressive approach post its separation from Sequoia Capital, indicating a strategic move to expand its influence and network extensively across diverse geographies.

The predominantly AI-centric approach comes at a time when India’s startup ecosystem is witnessing a surge in interest and investment in deep tech and AI startups. Furthermore, investments in India, such as the recent funding of Sarvam AI, suggest a growing appetite for AI and deep tech innovation in the region.

Key Points:

– Peak XV, the venture capital firm, is organizing an “immersion” trip to Silicon Valley for its portfolio companies based in India, Southeast Asia, and Australia.
– The trip aims to provide networking opportunities and engage with industry leaders in Silicon Valley, focusing on AI and deep tech startups.
– With a strong emphasis on AI, Peak XV’s recent Surge batch comprises 77% AI and deep tech startups, aligning with the firm’s strategic direction post its separation from Sequoia Capital.

The “Immersion Week” program serves as a testament to Peak XV’s commitment to bolstering its portfolio companies’ capabilities and fostering valuable connections with global industry leaders in the tech and AI domains.

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