February 27, 2024


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Notions New Privacy Features: Acquires Skiff for Encrypted File Storage and Docs

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Notion Enhances Privacy Features Through Skiff Acquisition

Notion, the all-in-one workspace app, has been making waves in the productivity space with its recent acquisition of Skiff. This strategic move highlights Notion’s focus on improving privacy within its platform by incorporating Skiff’s end-to-end encrypted file storage, documents, calendar events, and email capabilities. The acquisition reflects Notion’s commitment to providing users with enhanced privacy features while expanding its suite of productivity tools.

Skiff’s Background and Notion’s Recognition

Skiff, founded in 2020 by Andrew Milich and Jason Ginsberg, quickly made a name for itself in the realm of secure document management. The company garnered notable attention in the industry, securing a substantial $14.2 million in funding across two rounds from prominent investors, including Sequoia Capital, Alphabet chairman John Hennessy, former Yahoo chief executive Jerry Yang, and Eventbrite co-founders Julia and Kevin Hartz, among others.

In a conversation shared on the Notion blog, Notion’s COO, Akshay Kothari, expressed the company’s longstanding interest in Skiff’s innovative work. Kothari revealed, “Skiff started showing up on our radar at Notion right from the beginning. I actually tried to reach out in 2020 when you were building your Docs product. We never connected then, but I kept tabs on your progress.”

Impressive Product Offerings

Skiff initially gained recognition as a secure alternative to Google Docs. However, the company expanded its product portfolio to include additional privacy-centric solutions, such as calendar and email features, further aligning with Notion’s vision for comprehensive privacy-focused productivity tools.

The Future of Skiff Under Notion

While it has been confirmed that Skiff is joining forces with Notion, there is speculation surrounding the future existence of Skiff as a standalone product. Notion users and industry stakeholders are eager to learn whether Skiff’s unique features will be integrated directly into the Notion platform or continue to exist as a separate offering.

Notion’s Expansion and Strategic Acquisitions

This recent acquisition follows Notion’s previous strategic moves, including the acquisition of Flowdash, a workflow management tool in 2022, and the integration of Cron and India-based Automate.io, which offered integrations with over 200 services. These acquisitions showcase Notion’s dedication to enriching its platform and providing users with an extensive array of productivity features.

Key Points:

– Notion has acquired Skiff, a platform specializing in end-to-end encrypted file storage, documents, calendar events, and email.
– Skiff garnered significant attention and support from investors, positioning itself as a key player in the privacy-focused productivity space.
– Notion’s COO acknowledged the company’s long-standing interest in Skiff’s offerings, emphasizing the strategic synergy between the two entities.
– Industry interest is high regarding how Skiff’s features will be integrated into the Notion platform following the acquisition.
– Notion’s acquisition of Skiff aligns with its previous strategic moves, emphasizing its commitment to enhancing its suite of productivity tools.

In summary, Notion’s acquisition of Skiff underscores its proactive approach to prioritizing user privacy and further advancing its suite of productivity solutions, marking a significant step in the ever-evolving landscape of productivity software.

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