April 13, 2024


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Meet the Orphaned Fox Kit Getting Motherly Care at Richmond Wildlife Center | Virginia Wildlife Rescue

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An Orphaned Fox Kit Receives Motherly Care at Richmond Wildlife Center

The Richmond Wildlife Center in Virginia has taken on the task of caring for an orphaned fox kit in need of maternal assistance. In a heartwarming display of dedication, the staff have been tirelessly providing the care necessary for the kit’s well-being.

Acting as Mother Foxes

The employees at the Richmond Wildlife Center are ensuring the orphaned fox kit receives the care it needs, as though they were the kit’s biological mother. Through careful feeding and nurturing, the team is working diligently to provide the support necessary for the kit’s eventual release back into the wild.

Critical Measures to Ensure Survival

To prevent the fox kit from becoming imprinted or habituated to humans, the staff has adopted several methods. These include minimizing human sounds, creating visual barriers, and taking other precautionary measures. Additionally, the use of a large stuffed animal fox and a smaller stuffed red fox aim to replicate the kit’s natural maternal environment.

A Tragic Orphaning

The fox kit was admitted to the center after a kind individual found her in an alley in Richmond. Less than 24 hours old and with her umbilical stump still intact, the kit’s chances of survival depended on the center’s devoted care.

Reuniting for a Wild Future

Although attempts were made to locate the kit’s mother and reunite them, the outcome was grim as the den site had been disrupted. Despite this setback, the goal remains steadfast: to reintroduce the fox kit into the wild in the future.

Seeking Companionship and the Wild

In pursuit of the kit’s successful reintegration, the Center began seeking other red fox kits of the same age and weight. This effort led to the discovery of three other kits in northern Virginia, with plans for them to ultimately be released together back into their natural habitat.

Key Points:

– The Richmond Wildlife Center in Virginia is providing motherly care to an orphaned fox kit.
– The staff is taking extensive measures to prevent the kit from becoming imprinted upon or habituated to humans.
– Despite initial attempts to reunite the kit with its mother, the center is now focused on reintroducing the kit into the wild alongside other fox kits.

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