June 21, 2024


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Man Takes Inappropriate Photos of Teen at West County Center: Des Peres Police Investigate

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Man Under Investigation for Inappropriate Photography at West County Center

Des Peres Police have launched an investigation into a disturbing incident at West County Center, where a man in his 40s targeted a 16-year-old girl by taking inappropriate photos of her skirt with his phone. The incident, which occurred on February 12th, has prompted a swift response from law enforcement as they seek to identify the suspect captured on the mall’s security cameras.

The Disturbing Incident

The man’s actions were brought to light when the teenager’s mother, Kelly, recounted the unsettling experience. The pair had been shopping at the mall when they noticed the man following them closely. What transpired next was deeply concerning, as the man was caught attempting to take intrusive photos of the young girl.

The Investigation

Despite extensive surveillance footage and a detailed description of the suspect, the police have faced challenges in identifying him. Des Peres Police Chief, Eric Hall, confirmed that their detectives are actively pursuing leads but have not been able to locate the individual as of yet.

A Mother’s Plea

Kelly’s distress at the situation was palpable, as she expressed her shock and concern for her daughter’s safety. She urged anyone with information to come forward, emphasizing the need to prevent the suspect from targeting other young girls. Her emotional plea serves as a reminder of the broader impact of such behavior on the victims and their families.

Community Cooperation

Des Peres Police have issued a public call for assistance, urging anyone who recognizes the individual in question to report their findings immediately. This collaborative approach is essential in ensuring the safety and security of all individuals frequenting the West County Center.

Key Points:

– Des Peres Police are investigating a man who targeted a 16-year-old girl by taking inappropriate photos of her at West County Center.
– The incident, captured on mall security cameras, has prompted a community-wide effort to identify the suspect.
– The victim’s mother has made a heartfelt plea for anyone with information to come forward and assist in the investigation.

The development of this investigation underscores the importance of vigilance and community cooperation in maintaining a safe environment for all individuals. The impact of such incidents extends beyond the immediate circumstances, reminding us of the need for unwavering support and advocacy for those affected.

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