February 27, 2024


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King Frederik X of Denmark Surprises All with Release of The Kings Word Book

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King Frederik X of Denmark Releases Surprising Book after Ascending the Throne

After only three days of becoming the King of Denmark, Frederik X has taken the world by surprise by releasing a book titled “The King’s Word.” This unexpected move has sparked massive interest from the Danish public and media outlets, who are eagerly sharing excerpts from the book. The sudden release of this book comes just after Frederik’s mother, Margrethe II, abdicated the throne on New Year’s Eve, making him the new monarch of Denmark.

The Content of “The King’s Word”

Written in collaboration with Jens Andersen, the author of Frederik’s 2017 biography, “The King’s Word” delves into various intriguing topics. The book is said to contain King Frederik X’s reflections on Denmark’s global standing, as well as personal aspects such as his relationship with his wife, Queen Mary. It also sheds light on the monarch’s childhood, where he candidly shares his initial reluctance in accepting the responsibility of becoming the King of Denmark.

King Frederik X’s words about his faith and family life are also highlighted in the book. He mentions the importance of prayer in his family, recounting how he and Queen Mary pray with their children every evening. Additionally, the late Prince Henrik of Denmark, Frederik’s father, is portrayed as “very patriarchal” in the book, suggesting his influence on the king’s upbringing.

The Reaction to the Book’s Release

The Danish people showed immense support for their new king during the transition of power, with tens of thousands gathering to witness his succession. King Frederik X expressed his desire to be a unifying figure for Denmark’s future. The sudden release of “The King’s Word” has piqued the curiosity of the public, leaving many eager to explore the thoughts and experiences of their new monarch.

Key Points:

– King Frederik X of Denmark surprisingly released a book titled “The King’s Word” just three days after ascending the throne.
– The book delves into various topics, including Denmark’s global position, the king’s childhood reluctance to accept the throne, his faith, and family life.
– The unexpected release has garnered significant public interest and support for the new king’s reign.

King Frederik X’s unexpected book release has captured the attention of the world, offering a personal and insightful look into the life and thoughts of the newly crowned monarch. As Denmark embraces this new era of leadership, the publication of “The King’s Word” adds a unique dimension to the public’s understanding of their king.

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