June 14, 2024


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Kamala Harris Makes History as Senate Tiebreaker: Breaking 200-Year Record

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Kamala Harris Makes History as Senate Tiebreaker: Breaking 200-Year Record

Vice President Kamala Harris has achieved a historic milestone by breaking a nearly 200-year-old record for casting the most tiebreaking votes in the Senate. This significant accomplishment reflects her pivotal role in advancing key appointments and legislations, underscoring her influence in the current political landscape.

Harris Surpasses 200-Year-Old Record

Kamala Harris has broken the long-standing record previously held by John C. Calhoun, marking her 32nd and 33rd tiebreaking votes in the Senate. This achievement highlights her role in advancing the confirmation of a new federal judge in Washington, D.C., and underscores her pivotal role in the closely divided Senate.

Impact of Harris’ Votes

Harris’ tiebreaking votes have played a crucial role in advancing significant legislative measures, including the American Rescue Plan and the Inflation Reduction Act. Her influence has been instrumental in confirming judicial nominees and promoting diversity within the judiciary, underpinning her commitment to shaping a judiciary that reflects the diversity of America.

Recognition and Achievements

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer presented Harris with a golden gavel in recognition of her historic milestone. Her efforts in confirming more women and people of color to the bench have significantly contributed to diversifying the judiciary, aligning with the goal of making it more representative of the population.

Key Points:

– Vice President Kamala Harris breaks a nearly 200-year-old record by casting the most tiebreaking votes in the Senate.
– Harris surpassed the previous record of 31 tiebreaking votes set by John C. Calhoun.
– Her tiebreaking votes have been instrumental in advancing crucial legislative measures and confirming judicial nominees.
– Harris’ efforts have contributed to promoting diversity within the judiciary and making it more representative of the population.

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