June 14, 2024


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Justice Served: NZ$10m Compensation Ordered for White Island Volcano Disaster Victims

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New Zealand Court Orders NZ$10m Compensation for White Island Volcano Disaster Victims

A New Zealand court has ordered the payment of NZ$10m in compensation to the victims of the White Island volcano disaster, where 22 people lost their lives in the eruption. The court found the firms which owned the island and operated tours guilty of negligence and safety breaches, resulting in a tragic loss of lives and numerous injuries.

Failure to Prevent Catastrophe

The eruption took place in December 2019, while 47 people were touring the volcano. Almost half of the group perished, and the rest sustained severe injuries. The court highlighted the heightened volcanic activity in the weeks leading up to the eruption, which the operators allegedly ignored.

Compensation and Acknowledgment of Suffering

The Auckland District Court ordered Whakaari Management Limited, the company that owned the island, to pay NZ$4.57m in damages to victims. Additionally, White Island Tours, the company responsible for bringing tourists to the island, was ordered to pay NZ$4.68m in reparations. Other tour companies were also held accountable and ordered to pay damages. The judge emphasized that the compensation was a mere token recognition of the victims’ suffering, acknowledging the emotional and physical toll on survivors and the families of the deceased.

Emotional Testimonies

During the court proceedings, relatives of the deceased shared the ongoing pain and grief they experience. Testimonies revealed the profound impact of the tragedy, with family members expressing that the loss of their loved ones was an indescribable burden.

Penalties and Investigation

In addition to compensation, the owners of the island were fined NZ$978,000 for breaching workplace safety laws. The firm’s owners had previously faced criminal prosecutions, but the charges were dropped last year. The disaster prompted a comprehensive investigation, and the handling by WorkSafe NZ, responsible for workplace safety monitoring, was also criticized.


The White Island volcano disaster resulted in a significant loss of lives and injuries, leading to legal actions and compensation for the victims and their families. While the court’s orders represent a form of acknowledgment and justice, the emotional and physical impact on the survivors and families continues to be a challenging and ongoing ordeal.

Key Points:

– The New Zealand court has ordered NZ$10m in compensation to the victims of the White Island volcano disaster.
– The firms responsible for the island and tour operations were found guilty of negligence and safety breaches.
– Compensation was termed as a “token recognition” of the victims’ suffering.
– The emotional testimonies of the families highlighted the enduring grief and pain following the tragedy.
– In addition to compensation, the owners of the island were fined for breaching workplace safety laws, and the handling of the incident prompted criticism of the safety monitoring authorities.
– The impact of the disaster continues to affect the survivors and families of the deceased.

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