June 14, 2024


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Israel and Hamas Extend Ceasefire: 7th Day of Temporary Truce | Latest Update

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Israel and Hamas Extend Ceasefire: A Week of Temporary Truce

Amidst escalating tensions, Israel and Hamas have decided to extend their temporary ceasefire for a seventh day, a last-minute agreement that prevents the immediate expiration of the truce.

Negotiation and Mediation Efforts

Minutes before the ceasefire was set to expire, Qatar played a crucial role in mediating the extension of the truce. This deal has facilitated the release of numerous hostages previously kidnapped by Hamas, in exchange for the release of Palestinians held in prisons and the provision of aid to Gaza.

Hostage Releases and Prisoner Exchanges

The extension of the ceasefire has led to the release of 16 more hostages captured by Hamas, as well as the release of 30 Palestinians in Israeli prisons. So far, a total of 102 Israeli hostages have been freed, with 210 Palestinians prisoners also released. Despite these positive developments, about 140 Israelis remain in captivity.

Continued Negotiations and International Support

Israel’s military announced the extension of the temporary ceasefire, citing the continued efforts of mediators in the process of releasing hostages. The United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, voiced support for the truce, emphasizing that it has led to the positive outcome of reuniting hostages with their families and increasing humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza.

UN’s Stance and Humanitarian Concerns

Despite the extension, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, reiterated his commitment to resume the conflict once the truce ends. Meanwhile, the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, expressed the urgent need for a “true humanitarian ceasefire”, highlighting the dire humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in the Gaza Strip.

Key Points:

– Israel and Hamas have extended their temporary ceasefire for a seventh day, brokered with the assistance of Qatar.
– The truce has resulted in the release of numerous hostages and prisoners, with continued negotiations for further releases.
– International support for the truce, including from the United States, emphasizes the positive humanitarian impact and the need for continued peace efforts.
– Despite the extension, concerns over the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza persist, as emphasized by the United Nations.

The extension of the ceasefire serves as a temporary respite amid the prolonged conflict, with hopes for sustained peace efforts and humanitarian aid to address the critical situation in the region.

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