February 27, 2024


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iPhone Owners Receive Payouts in Apples $500 Million Battery Throttling Settlement

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iPhone Owners Receive Payouts in Apple’s $500 Million Battery Throttling Settlement

Apple’s $500 million class action settlement over battery throttling has commenced the distribution of payouts to eligible iPhone owners. This settlement stems from a 2017 lawsuit alleging that Apple deliberately decreased older iPhone performance without appropriately informing users. The individual payments, reported to be as high as $92, have begun making their way to claimants, with some receiving direct deposits.

The Settlement Criteria

The settlement pertains to US iPhone owners with specific models, including the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, and 7 Plus, running certain iOS versions until December 21, 2017. Eligible claimants were required to file claims by October 2020.

Multi-Model Ownership

Claimants who owned multiple eligible iPhone models were allowed to submit separate claims for each, potentially resulting in multiple payouts from Apple.

Expected Payments

For those who have not received payments yet, the settlement website indicates that payments should begin to arrive in January 2024.

Key Points:

– Apple’s $500 million settlement over battery throttling allegations is now paying out to eligible iPhone owners.
– Individual payments, reportedly up to $92, have begun to reach claimants.
– The settlement criteria cover specific iPhone models and iOS versions up to December 2017.
– Claimants who owned multiple eligible iPhone models are entitled to separate payouts.
– Payments are set to continue through January 2024 for eligible claimants.

Overall, the payout distribution underlines Apple’s response to the battery throttling controversy and aims to compensate affected iPhone users in the United States.

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