February 27, 2024


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How I Shed My WWE Muscle Mass: The Keto Diet and Finding My Why

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Shedding WWE Muscle Mass: A Unique Journey

From transitioning as a male WWE star with significant muscle mass to becoming a female fitness coach, the process of shedding muscle mass and sculpting the body to align with one’s mental self-image can be a challenging and individualized journey.

Challenging the Norms

The transition from a male WWE wrestler weighing 280 pounds to a female fitness coach at 187 pounds with a different body fat percentage required a unique approach. Traditional guidance on losing muscle mass as a trans person did not provide the expected results.

Exploring Muscle Atrophy

There was a lack of research specifically addressing how transgender women could trigger muscle atrophy. The journey led to self-study and the consideration of existing studies on muscle atrophy to devise a personalized approach.

Embracing Change

Putting a halt to resistance training and replacing it with bodyweight workouts for the lower body was the initial step. However, a pivotal discovery involved the manipulation of the body’s fuel sources to induce muscle loss.

The Keto Diet and Cardio

Implementing a version of the keto diet that prioritized proteins and healthy fats, while limiting carbohydrates and sugars, led to significant changes. Combined with a rigorous cardio routine, the body was compelled to utilize muscle as a source of energy.

Embracing Transformation

The holistic approach resulted in a remarkable transformation, symbolized by a significant drop in clothing sizes and the embodied feminine shape that was aspired for.

Key Points:

– Transitioning from a male WWE wrestler to a female fitness coach involved shedding significant muscle mass, requiring a unique and personalized approach.
– Traditional advice of lifting lighter weights and doing more repetitions did not yield the desired results.
– The journey involved studying muscle atrophy and devising a strategy to manipulate the body’s fuel sources to induce muscle loss.
– Implementing a personalized keto diet, prioritizing proteins and healthy fats, along with rigorous cardio, proved instrumental in achieving the desired transformation.

The journey of shedding muscle mass while transitioning from a WWE star to a fitness coach is a testimony to the transformative potential of perseverance, determination, and a personalized approach to fitness and well-being.

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