February 27, 2024


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Hey App vs. Apple: Basecamp Founders Clash Again Over App Store Rejection

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The clash between tech giant Apple and Basecamp founder’s email service, Hey, has reignited with the rejection of Hey’s new calendar app from the App Store. This rejection echoes the similar stance taken by Apple when it refused Hey’s email app four years ago, citing that non-paying users couldn’t use the app after downloading it, and new users couldn’t sign up through the app.

Apple’s Rules and Hey’s Arguments

Apple mandates that apps must allow users to sign up for the service and potentially pay for the subscription if necessary. However, Hey’s co-founder, David Heinemeier Hansson, argues that several apps like Google Calendar and Netflix allow logins gated with users paying for the service outside of Apple’s ecosystem. He further contends that Apple uses one iCloud ID to provide a subscription to a suite of apps, highlighting the inconsistency in Apple’s application of its rules.

Hey’s Stance and Persistence

David Heinemeier Hansson has expressed Hey’s unwavering determination not to succumb to Apple’s 30% cut demanded on in-app purchases. Despite the rejection, Hey remains resolute, vowing to find a way to navigate this obstacle, much like they did previously. The co-founder’s strong statement indicates Hey’s commitment to finding a solution without yielding to what they perceive as “protection money” demanded by Apple.

Apple’s Response

At the time of the report, Apple had not issued an immediate comment on the matter, leaving the outcome of this clash uncertain.

Key Points:

– Hey’s new calendar app has been rejected from the App Store, sparking a renewed clash between Hey and Apple.
– Apple’s requirement for apps to allow in-app signups and potential subscription payments clashes with Hey’s arguments about the practices of other apps and Apple’s own ecosystem.
– Hey remains determined not to pay Apple a 30% cut and is resolved to find a way to navigate the rejection.

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