February 27, 2024


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Google Assistant Update: 17 Features Being Removed for Improved Quality and Reliability

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Google Assistant Update: Revamping for Improved Quality and Reliability

Google recently announced the removal of 17 underutilized features from Google Assistant in a bid to enhance the platform’s quality and reliability. This decision is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to streamline and optimize the user experience while focusing on core functionalities.

Features Being Removed

The features being removed include the ability to use voice commands for tasks such as sending email, video, or audio messages, making reservations, sending payments, and posting on social media. While Google has announced workarounds for some of these features, others will be permanently discontinued.

Impact on Pixel Devices

Furthermore, the update will impact Pixel devices, as the microphone in the Pixel Search bar will now activate Voice Search instead of Google Assistant, altering the way users interact with their devices.

Feedback and Alternative Triggers

To gather user feedback on these changes, Google is encouraging users to use the command “Hey Google, send feedback.” Additionally, the company mentioned that the microphone icon in the Google app will now trigger search results in response to queries, which means users won’t be able to use the search bar microphone for certain tasks like controlling smart home devices or sending messages.

Assistance with Bard

Three months ago, Google introduced Assistant with Bard, a new version of its assistant powered by generative AI technologies, equipped to handle a broader range of questions and tasks, and provide personalized responses to queries. While it’s unclear if today’s announcement is related to the introduction of Assistant with Bard, it signifies a significant shift in Google’s approach to its voice assistant platform.


The decision to remove underutilized features from Google Assistant reflects Google’s commitment to refining and optimizing its products to deliver a seamless and efficient user experience. While some users may experience temporary inconvenience due to the removal of certain functionalities, this move is ultimately aimed at strengthening the core capabilities of Google Assistant.

Key Points:

– Google is removing 17 underutilized features from Google Assistant to emphasize quality and reliability.
– The update will impact Pixel devices, altering the functionality of the microphone in the Pixel Search bar.
– Assistant with Bard, a new version of Google Assistant, might be related to these changes, signaling a significant transformation in the platform’s capabilities.

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