February 27, 2024


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From Haiti to Virginia: How One Couple Found Success with a Unique Variety Market on the Eastern Shore

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From Haitian Immigrants to Local Entrepreneurs

Clemene Bastien and Theslet Benoir, a Haitian couple who sought refuge in the United States, found success in Parksley, Virginia, by opening a variety market catering to the growing Haitian community on the Eastern Shore. However, their journey to entrepreneurial success has not been without challenges.

Allegations and Legal Actions

Bastien and Benoir are suing the town of Parksley, alleging that the local government targeted their food truck by passing a ban on food trucks and subsequently threatening them with fines and imprisonment. They claim that a town council member cut their mobile kitchen’s water line and made derogatory remarks, prompting them to take legal action represented by the Institute for Justice.

The Town’s Response

In response to the lawsuit, Parksley’s council, represented by the law firm Pender & Coward, refuted the claims, stating that the couple failed to apply for a conditional use permit and asserting that the council member’s actions were in response to the food truck’s improper disposal of grease into the town’s sewage system.

Local Dynamics and Immigration

The dispute in Parksley reflects the broader tensions between food truck owners, local authorities, and established restaurants. This conflict is occurring in a region with a growing immigrant population, particularly in the poultry industry, where recent immigrants from Haiti and Latin America have become integral to the labor force.

Community Integration

Despite the allegations made by Bastien and Benoir, several community members assert that Parksley has been inclusive of immigrant businesses, with multiple establishments catering to the Haitian and Latin American communities in the area. However, the couple insists that they have been unfairly targeted.

Legal Recourse and Entrepreneurial Aspirations

The Haitian couple, now seeking compensation for financial losses and legal fees, embodies the broader challenges faced by immigrant entrepreneurs in navigating regulatory hurdles and cultural integration while pursuing their American dream.

Key Points:

– Haitian immigrants Clemene Bastien and Theslet Benoir faced legal challenges in Parksley, Virginia, related to their food truck business.
– The couple alleged discriminatory targeting by the town council, leading to a legal dispute.
– This conflict unfolds within a region with a growing immigrant population, especially in the poultry industry.
– Despite differing claims, the case reflects the challenges faced by immigrant entrepreneurs and the broader dynamics of local business regulations and community integration.

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