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Florida Woman Sues Lyft After Alleged Rape by Driver: A Disturbing Lawsuit Reveals Shocking Details

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Shocking Lawsuit: Florida Woman Sues Lyft After Alleged Rape by Driver

A disturbing lawsuit has emerged as a Florida woman, Tabatha Means, sues Lyft after alleging that her driver repeatedly raped her, resulting in the birth of her child. The shocking details of the incident, which occurred in April 2019, have sparked widespread concern and calls for increased safety measures within ride-sharing apps.

The Traumatic Experience

Tabatha Means, the victim in this case, spoke at a virtual press conference, expressing the difficulty of processing the trauma while also being a mother to her child conceived from the assault. Means explained that despite the joy of being a mother, it’s a constant reminder of her darkest hour.

The Alleged Assault

According to reports, the driver arrived with the Lyft logo displayed inside his vehicle and made inappropriate comments about Means’ appearance. Upon arrival at her destination, he allegedly followed her into her residence and sexually assaulted her despite her pleas to stop. Shockingly, it was reported that the driver admitted to having had a sexual encounter with another passenger prior to assaulting Means.

Lawsuit and Response

Means filed a lawsuit, claiming that Lyft was negligent in hiring the driver, not implementing adequate safety measures, and causing emotional distress. In response, Lyft emphasized that the alleged incident did not occur on the Lyft platform using the Lyft app. The company also disputed the nature of Means’ second ride, stating it was not an official Lyft ride.

Push for Safety Measures

In the aftermath of this distressing event, Means and her attorney are advocating for increased safety measures, including more in-depth background checks, training on appropriate conduct with riders, and required cameras in cars with saved recordings.

Key Points:

– A Florida woman is suing Lyft after alleging that her driver repeatedly raped her, resulting in the birth of her child.
– The lawsuit claims that Lyft was negligent in hiring the driver and not implementing adequate safety measures, leading to emotional distress.
– Means and her attorney are pushing for Lyft to implement more safety measures for victims and more in-depth background checks, including fingerprint-based background checks for new hires.

The shocking allegations in this case highlight the need for enhanced safety measures within the ride-sharing industry to protect passengers from such traumatic incidents.

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