February 27, 2024


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Exploring OpenAIs GPT Store: A Revolutionary Hub for Custom Chatbot Apps and AI Models

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Exploring OpenAIs GPT Store: The Revolutionary Hub for Custom Chatbot Apps and AI Models

OpenAI recently launched the GPT Store, a platform for custom chatbot apps powered by their text- and image-generating AI models, such as GPT-4 and DALL-E 3. This new hub provides a space for developers to access and create a wide range of GPTs, transforming the landscape of generative AI app creation.

The GPT Store: Access and Features

To access the GPT Store, users need to be subscribed to one of OpenAI’s premium ChatGPT plans — ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT Enterprise, or ChatGPT Team. The store features a variety of GPTs developed by OpenAI’s partners and the broader developer community. Users can explore popular and trending GPTs organized into categories like lifestyle, writing, research, programming, and education. Some of the GPTs available at launch include a trail recommender from AllTrails, a code tutor from Khan Academy, and a content designer from Canva. These GPTs are currently free to use, but this is subject to change in the future.

Creating GPTs: Simplified Process

Developers can create GPTs without the need for extensive coding experience. OpenAI’s GPT-building tool, GPT Builder, allows developers to articulate the desired capabilities of their GPTs in plain language. For instance, a GPT can be trained on a specific collection, like a cookbook, to answer questions about ingredients for a particular recipe. Additionally, developers can integrate a company’s proprietary codebases, enabling the GPT to check code style and generate code in line with best practices.

GPT Store Review Process and Future Plans

To list GPTs in the GPT Store, developers need to verify their user profiles and submit their GPTs to OpenAI’s new review system, which involves both human and automated review processes to ensure compliance with the company’s terms of use. While OpenAI plans to implement a “GPT builder revenue program” in the near future, whereby U.S. builders can earn income based on user engagement with their GPTs, the specific criteria for payments are yet to be disclosed.

Challenges and Considerations

The GPT Store announcement aligns with OpenAI’s commitment to democratizing generative AI app creation. However, the potential impact on consultancies specializing in similar services remains to be seen. It’s important to closely monitor how this revolution in AI app creation unfolds and its implications for various industry sectors.

Key Points:

– The GPT Store offers a diverse range of custom chatbot apps powered by OpenAI’s AI models.
– Developers can create GPTs through the simplified GPT-building tool, GPT Builder, without extensive coding experience.
– GPTs listed in the store undergo a thorough review process to ensure compliance with OpenAI’s terms of use.
– OpenAI plans to introduce a “GPT builder revenue program” that will enable U.S. builders to earn income based on user engagement with their GPTs.
– The long-term impact of the GPT Store on generative AI app creation and related industries remains to be seen.

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