June 14, 2024


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Evernotes New Free Plan Restrictions: What You Need to Know

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Evernote’s New Free Plan Restrictions

Evernote, a popular note-taking app, has recently announced significant changes to its free plan, slated to take effect on December 4. These changes will impact both new and current users, as the app will limit accounts to 50 notes and one notebook. This news has generated a significant buzz and concern among the app’s user base.

New Free Plan Limitations

The impending changes to Evernote’s free plan include capping the number of notes and notebooks for users. Specifically, new and existing accounts will be restricted to a maximum of 50 notes and one notebook. This means that users who surpass these limits will encounter restrictions on creating new content unless they upgrade to a paid plan or delete older notes to stay within the new confines.

Evernote’s Perspective

In an official announcement, Evernote stated that the new limits were set after considering that the majority of free users already fall below the threshold of fifty notes and one notebook. Consequently, the company expects that the everyday experience for most free users will remain largely unchanged. However, there remains some ambiguity about how this assessment considers long-dormant accounts.

Premium Plan Options

In light of these changes, it’s important to note that Evernote’s premium plans, which now seem indispensable for more than minimal usage, include a $15 monthly Personal plan with 10GB of monthly uploads. Additionally, users can opt for the $18 tier to double their storage to 20GB and access other perks. Evernote also offers annual versions of these plans for $130 and $170, respectively.

Consideration of Alternatives

With the impending limitations on Evernote’s free plan, it’s not surprising that users may seek out alternative note-taking applications with more generous free offerings. Leading competitors with more bountiful free plans include Notion, Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Bear (exclusive to Apple devices), Obsidian, and SimpleNote.


Evernote’s decision to enforce stricter limits on its free plan undoubtedly impacts its user base. This shift, coupled with previous internal changes within the parent company, has prompted users to reevaluate their relationship with the app. It remains to be seen how these changes will influence Evernote’s standing in the note-taking app market.

Key Points:

– Evernote’s new free plan will limit users to 50 notes and one notebook.
– Existing free customers exceeding these limits must upgrade to a paid plan or delete old notes.
– Evernote emphasizes that the majority of free users are already within the new limits.
– The premium plans offer additional storage and perks, with monthly and annual subscription options.
– Users are considering alternative note-taking applications with more generous free plans.

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