June 14, 2024


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European Union Suspects X (Twitter) of Breaching Rules: A Closer Look at Countering Illegal Content and Disinformation

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The European Union has recently raised concerns about X (formerly known as Twitter) allegedly breaching rules related to countering illegal content and disinformation. The EU’s digital commissioner, Thierry Breton, outlined the suspected violations, stating that X is also allegedly failing to meet its transparency obligations. This marks the first formal proceedings initiated under the Digital Services Act (DSA), targeting major tech companies to enforce stricter regulations.

Key Points:

– The European Union has initiated formal proceedings against X under the Digital Services Act, alleging multiple infringements, including countering illegal content and disinformation.
– X, owned by Elon Musk, is required to cooperate with the regulatory process. It emphasizes the importance of a fair, law-abiding investigation free from political influence, expressing its commitment to creating a safe and inclusive platform while protecting freedom of expression.
– The DSA places additional responsibilities on big tech firms to safeguard users from extreme content, with the possibility of facing significant fines or suspension for non-compliance.
– X is under scrutiny for its effectiveness in addressing disinformation through its Community Notes system, which allows contributors to comment on the accuracy of posts.
– Concerns about the nature of content on X have heightened since its acquisition by Elon Musk, especially regarding disinformation issues following a reduction in moderators.

The EU’s investigation into X is a significant step in enforcing stricter regulations on big tech companies to ensure user safety and combat the spread of disinformation and illegal content.

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