February 27, 2024


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England Rugby Union: What to Expect from Head Coach Steve Borthwicks New Squad in 2024

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What to Expect from Head Coach Steve Borthwick’s New Squad in 2024

Steve Borthwick, England’s head coach, is gearing up to reveal his first squad since the team secured a third-place finish at the Rugby World Cup last year. With several changes on the horizon, including retirements, injuries, and limitations on France-based players, Borthwick’s squad announcement is highly anticipated. Let’s delve into what we can expect from the new England Rugby Union squad in 2024.

New Faces in the Squad

With the absence of certain established players due to various reasons, there is ample room for new talent to make their mark. Notable players who are poised to potentially join the squad include Slade, Feyi-Waboso, and Freeman, each bringing their unique skills and attributes to the table.

Rejuvenated Players

Some familiar faces may also have the opportunity for a comeback. Players like Winkler and Smith have displayed significant improvements in their performance, making a compelling case for their inclusion in the upcoming squad. The revival of these players could inject a fresh dynamic into the team.

Potential Impact on Positional Play

With several key players out of contention due to injuries, retirements, or ineligibility, there are position-specific gaps that need to be filled. For instance, the absence of established figures such as Tuilagi, Marchant, and Lawes creates openings that could potentially reshape the team’s dynamic. The evolving squad dynamics will be a focal point leading up to the upcoming games.

The Search for Emerging Talent

There is a definite focus on identifying and nurturing emerging talent, with a particular emphasis on players like Fordjour, Winkler, and Smith. The management’s keen interest in these promising individuals signifies the team’s investment in future success and sustainability.

Key Points:

– England’s head coach Steve Borthwick is preparing to name his first squad since the 2023 Rugby World Cup.
– Several established players are unavailable due to retirements, injuries, and ineligibility, creating opportunities for new faces to join the squad.
– Certain players are displaying remarkable improvements, making a case for a potential comeback to the squad.
– The absence of key players will lead to positional adjustments, prompting a potential reconfiguration of the team’s dynamics.
– The team is actively scouting emerging talent, underscoring the focus on long-term success and sustainability.

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