June 14, 2024


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Embracing the Chaos: Finding Productivity in a Messy Workspace

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Enhancing Productivity: Organization in a Messy Workspace

Working from home may sometimes lead to a cluttered workspace, affecting productivity. Finding ways to organize and optimize your workspace is essential for a more efficient and pleasant working environment. Here are some recommendations for gadgets that can help you maintain an organized and efficient work-from-home setup.

Monitor Stand or Riser

An external monitor can significantly improve your screen real estate, but not all are height-adjustable and can take up space. Consider an Amazon Basics monitor stand with stackable legs for adjustable height and a storage space to keep your desk organized. For a more stylish option, the bamboo monitor stand from SONGMICS features compartments for various items and cord management cut-outs. If you prefer not to have a monitor on your desk, a monitor arm like the Jarvis monitor arm by Fully provides flexibility and ergonomic benefits.

Elevate Your Laptop

To maintain good posture and create extra desk space, consider elevating your laptop with a stand. The Rain Design iLevel2 offers adjustable height and a tilted design for better ventilation. For a more affordable option, the Nulaxy Laptop Stand provides heat dissipation and can accommodate larger laptops. If space is limited, a vertical stand from Omoton can keep your closed laptop upright and organized.

Utilize Docking Stations for Connectivity

Docking stations offer additional ports and connectivity options. For MacBook users, the Satechi’s Dual Dock Stand is recommended. Chromebook users may benefit from the Kensington SD4780P docking station, while Windows laptop users could opt for Kensington’s AD2010T4 Thunderbolt docking station for its competitive pricing and adequate connections.

Phone and Device Stands

Keep your phone and other devices organized with dedicated stands. The Anker 313 Stand is an affordable option for wireless charging, while the Lamicall stand provides a feeder hole for charger cords and adjustable viewing angles. For multiple Apple devices, the Belkin BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 pad offers fast charging for various Apple products, ensuring a clutter-free charging solution.

Key Points:

– Monitor stands or risers help optimize desk space and improve ergonomics.
– Docking stations provide additional ports and connectivity for various devices.
– Dedicated phone stands offer a clutter-free charging solution and device organization.

By implementing these gadgets, you can create a more organized and efficient work-from-home setup, enhancing productivity and reducing workspace clutter.

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