April 13, 2024


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Conductor: The Rise, Fall, and Alternatives to Netflixs Microservices Orchestration Platform

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The Evolution of Conductor: From Netflix’s Breakthrough to Orkes’s $20 Million Boost

Once hailed as a trailblazing solution for microservices orchestration, Netflix’s Conductor platform faced speculation after the company announced that it would discontinue maintaining it. However, the creators of Conductor, having since left Netflix to establish Orkes, have revitalized the project. Orkes is backed by a recent $20 million Series A funding, following a $9.3 million seed round in 2022, solidifying its journey from inception to enterprise-grade microservices orchestration.

Inception and Rise of Conductor

In 2015, the team at Netflix developed Conductor to support the rapid expansion of the company and its associated requirements. The project gained traction within Netflix due to its ability to help development teams keep pace with the company’s growth.

Orkes: Embracing the Opportunity

Following the discontinuation of Conductor’s maintenance by Netflix, Orkes seized the opportunity, assuming responsibility for the platform and subsequently initiating the Conductor Working Group. This proactive action aligns with their larger vision of establishing a Conductor Foundation, eventually aiming to join a larger foundation in the future.

Enterprise Adoption and Future Prospects

Currently, Conductor is widely adopted, managing the technological infrastructure of numerous companies, including Tesla, United Wholesale Mortgage, and Foxtel. Orkes offers Conductor as a fully managed platform on the customer’s preferred cloud, along with a Conductor-based AI orchestration platform. This strategic move mirrors the established approach of open-source companies that provide premium enterprise services built around a popular project.

Verdict from Investors and Industry Experts

The substantial Series A funding underscores the industry’s confidence in Orkes’ potential. Investors like Nexus Venture Partners, Battery Ventures, and Vertex Ventures US recognize Orkes as a pioneering force shaping the landscape of software infrastructure. Abhishek Sharma, managing director at Nexus Venture Partners, highlights Orkes’ innovation in enabling the efficient creation and operation of large-scale applications for enterprises.

Considering the trajectory of Conductor from its roots at Netflix to its current evolution under Orkes, the platform continues to be a pivotal solution for companies managing complex applications and microservices infrastructure.

Key Points:

– Conductor, an open-source microservices orchestration platform, originated at Netflix in 2015 to support the company’s rapid growth.
– The creators of Conductor established Orkes after Netflix discontinued maintaining the project, securing significant funding to support its enterprise-grade microservices platform.
– Orkes is actively involved in establishing a Conductor Working Group and envisions creating a dedicated Conductor Foundation.
– The platform is widely adopted by prominent companies, offering a fully managed service on the customer’s preferred cloud and an AI orchestration platform.
– Industry experts and investors acknowledge Orkes’ pioneering role in shaping modern software infrastructure, showcasing confidence in its potential.

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