February 27, 2024


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Breaking News: Myrealtrip Secures $56.7M Series F Funding to Transform Post-Pandemic Travel Tech

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Myrealtrip Secures $56.7M Series F Funding to Revolutionize Post-Pandemic Travel Tech

Myrealtrip, a Seoul-based travel tech startup, has recently announced securing $56.7 million in a Series F equity round of funding. This substantial investment is poised to fuel the company’s business expansion, product innovation, and recruitment efforts in a transformative period for the travel industry post-pandemic.

Myrealtrip’s Resurgence in Post-Pandemic Tourism

The travel industry has surged back to pre-pandemic levels, as highlighted in a recent report by the UN World Tourism Organization. In response to this resurgence, travel tech companies strategize to accelerate their growth and offerings. Myrealtrip, in particular, aims to evolve into a super app in the travel industry, encompassing a wide array of travel booking services, from flights and accommodations to activities and local transportation.

Strategic Partnerships and Business Development

Myrealtrip has formed strategic partnerships with approximately 2,000 travel agencies, hotel platforms, and airfare comparison service providers such as Expedia, Agoda, and Viator. These collaborations enable travelers to book a comprehensive range of services globally, including tours, activities, restaurants, local transportation, hotels, and accommodations akin to Airbnb, fostering convenience and choice for consumers.

Financial Growth and Market Positioning

With its valuation witnessing a threefold increase since its Series D funding in 2020 and revenue surging by three times since 2022, Myrealtrip is a formidable player in the market. The company has posted a substantial gross merchandise volume (GMV) of $746 million (1 trillion KRW) in 2023, with ambitious plans to double its GMV and achieve an EBITDA of $12 million this year, marking its robust financial standing.

Adaptation and Expansion Amid Challenges

Despite encountering challenges during the pandemic, Myrealtrip managed to navigate through by prioritizing domestic tourism and introducing new features like group trips and business travel. Additionally, the company made strategic acquisitions and investments, including the acquisition of Startrip, aimed at catering to the influx of foreign tourists visiting South Korea post-pandemic.

Investment in Technology and Future Outlook

Technology remains pivotal to Myrealtrip’s long-term success, with plans to invest in advanced technological capabilities, including AI, to enhance customer service and user experience. With an impending initial public offering (IPO) in 2026, the company is committed to further strengthening its technological infrastructure to effectively compete with industry rivals.

Key Points:

– Myrealtrip secures $56.7 million in Series F funding to bolster its business expansion and product innovation.
– The company aims to evolve into a comprehensive travel super app, offering a wide spectrum of booking services globally.
– Strategic partnerships with thousands of travel service providers empower travelers with diverse and convenient booking options.
– Myrealtrip’s robust financial performance, including a significant GMV and revenue surge, solidify its position in the market.
– The company adeptly navigated pandemic challenges, prioritizing domestic tourism and making strategic acquisitions and investments.
– Future plans entail substantial investment in advanced technology, including AI, in preparation for an IPO in 2026.

In conclusion, Myrealtrip’s recent Series F funding underscores the company’s trajectory toward reshaping the post-pandemic travel tech landscape. With a steadfast focus on technological advancement, strategic partnerships, and financial growth, Myrealtrip is poised to play a pivotal role in the revitalization of the travel industry.

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