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Breaking News: Jordanian Air Strikes Claim Lives of 10+ in South-Western Syria – What You Need to Know

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Jordanian Air Strikes Claim Lives of 10+ in South-Western Syria

At least 10 people, including children, have tragically lost their lives in suspected Jordanian air strikes in south-western Syria. The strikes resulted in the destruction of several homes in Arman, a town in Suweida province, just 20km from the border. The situation is raising concerns and drawing attention from both local activists and the media.

Suspected Jordanian Air Strikes and Their Motive

Authorities in Jordan have yet to make a formal statement regarding the air strikes. However, it is believed that Jordanian forces have conducted a series of air strikes in Syria over the past year, targeting suspected drug smugglers and their facilities.

According to Jordan and its Western allies, highly organized and heavily armed Iran-backed militias operating in government-controlled areas of Syria are responsible for a surge in smuggling activities. This particularly involves the trafficking of the amphetamine Captagon, which has a significant demand in Gulf Arab states.

Details of the Tragic Incident

The activist-run Suwayda 24 news website reported that the air strikes occurred in residential areas of Arman and nearby Malah. Witnesses shared that the homes of two men, Omar Talab and Turki al-Halabi, were hit and destroyed in Arman. This resulted in the tragic deaths of Mr. Talab, his mother, and his aunt, along with seven members of Mr. Halabi’s family, including his wife and two young daughters. Additionally, Mr. Halabi and his mother were reportedly trapped underneath their collapsed home and presumed dead.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group, condemned the “massacre” in Arman and reported that at least nine people were killed, including five women and two children. It also highlighted the violation of Syrian territory by Jordanian warplanes.

Timeframe and Previous Incidents

The recent air strikes follow a pattern of similar events. On January 8, Suwayda 24 reported three additional casualties in separate strikes, including a house and a farm in the town of Shaab and a barn in Arman. This escalation appears to be part of Jordan’s intensifying efforts against drug dealers, as mentioned by one of the website’s editors.

The Humanitarian Consequences and Ongoing Conflict

The devastating impact of these air strikes on civilian populations, including women and children, cannot be overlooked. The ongoing conflict in the region represents a broader humanitarian crisis that demands international attention and resolution.

Key Points:

– Suspected Jordanian air strikes in south-western Syria have resulted in the tragic deaths of at least 10 individuals, including children.
– The strikes targeted suspected drug smugglers and their facilities, attributed to highly organized Iran-backed militias operating in Syria.
– The recent incident is part of a series of air strikes, escalating Jordan’s efforts against drug dealers, as reported by local activists.
– The humanitarian consequences of these strikes highlight the urgent need for international attention and resolution in the region.

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