April 13, 2024


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Breaking News: Epic Games Regains iOS Developer Account in EU – Preparing to Launch Digital Storefront

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Epic Games Reinstated on iOS in EU, prepares to Launch Digital Storefront

Epic Games, the developer behind the popular game Fortnite, has just received reinstatement of its iOS developer account in the European Union. This significant development opens the doors for the company to launch a digital storefront for iOS devices, allowing users to once again access and download Fortnite on their iPhones.

EU’s New Digital Markets Act

The reinstatement comes as a result of the EU’s new Digital Markets Act, which designates major services like Apple’s App Store as “gatekeepers” and mandates interoperability with competing products. This act is set to officially take effect on March 7, influencing the returning presence of Fortnite to iOS devices in Europe.

Legal Dispute with Apple

The reinstatement follows a lengthy legal battle between Epic Games and Apple. It began when Epic Games implemented its own in-app payment option in the iOS version of Fortnite, bypassing Apple’s payment system and the associated 30 percent commission. This led to a legal dispute over Apple’s alleged anticompetitive policies.

US Legal Battle and European Developments

A judge issued a permanent injunction in the US, giving developers the option to use third-party payment methods to bypass Apple’s in-house payment system. Although both companies appealed the ruling, the US Supreme Court refused to hear the case. Simultaneously, the EU passed the Digital Markets Act, compelling Apple to allow third-party storefronts on iOS devices.

Impact on Consumers

As a result, EU residents will regain access to Fortnite on their Apple devices, while Americans may need to rely on alternative platforms for the game. Notably, Disney recently acquired a stake in Epic Games, possibly indicating a shift in the relationship dynamics between Epic Games, Apple, and Disney.

Key Points:

– Epic Games’ iOS developer account has been reinstated in the EU, paving the way for the return of Fortnite on iOS devices.
– The EU’s Digital Markets Act influenced Apple’s decision to permit third-party storefronts on iOS devices.
– A legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple led to the reinstatement, following a US court injunction allowing third-party payment options.
– EU residents will be able to play Fortnite on their Apple devices, while Americans may have to resort to alternate platforms.
– Disney’s recent acquisition of a stake in Epic Games hints at potential shifts in the relationships between these companies.

In summary, Epic Games’ reinstatement on iOS in the EU signifies a significant development in the ongoing battle between Epic Games and Apple. The EU’s Digital Markets Act and the legal disputes have influenced the resurgence of Fortnite on iOS devices, potentially reshaping the landscape of mobile gaming for users around the world.

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