June 14, 2024


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Boxing Prodigy: Welsh Fighter Lauren Price Eyes World Championship Title in 12 Months

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Welsh Boxer Lauren Price Aims for World Championship Title

Welsh boxer, Lauren Price, is on the verge of securing a world championship title within the next 12 months. With her sights set on maintaining her flawless professional record, the 29-year-old Olympic champion and welterweight is gearing up for her sixth professional fight, where she will face Italy’s Silvia Bortot in Bournemouth.

High Hopes and Expectations

Lauren Price’s promoter, Ben Shalom, exudes confidence in her abilities, predicting that she will ascend to world level in 2024. Shalom anticipates Price becoming a multi-weight world champion and believes she will make a significant statement in her upcoming bout. The welterweight division is rife with talent, including formidable competitors such as Natasha Jonas, Mikaela Mayer, Sandy Ryan, and Jessica McCaskill. Nevertheless, Price remains steadfast in her belief that she is the crème de la crème of the division.

Building Anticipation for Big Fights

Expressing her self-assurance, Price envisions herself taking on challenging opponents like Sandy Ryan in 2024. Despite her aspirations, Price remains focused on her impending match against Silvia Bortot, aiming to deliver a commanding performance. The Welsh boxer’s determination and unwavering focus speak volumes about her commitment to climbing the ranks and leaving an indelible mark in the sport.

Setting the Stage for Sunday’s Bouts

In an electrifying event, Lauren Price will fight on the undercard of Chris Billam-Smith’s WBO title defence against Poland’s Mateusz Masternak. Billam-Smith, the current titleholder, is poised to defend his belt against the seasoned Masternak, who will be vying for a world title for the first time in his career. Both fighters have displayed immense grit and determination as they prepare to embark on a fierce battle inside the ring.

Confidence and Resilience

As the stage is set for these high-stakes boxing matches, the fighters’ unyielding perseverance, unshakable self-belief, and unwavering dedication to their craft are poignantly evident. Amidst the mounting anticipation, each pugilist’s journey in the realm of professional boxing paints a resolute picture of resilience, fortitude, and an unrelenting pursuit of their dreams.

Key Points:

– Welsh boxer Lauren Price is poised to compete for a world championship title within the next 12 months.
– Promoter Ben Shalom has high expectations for Price, predicting that she will ascend to world level in 2024 and become a multi-weight world champion.
– Price’s focus remains on her upcoming bout against Silvia Bortot, with an eye on potential significant matches in 2024.
– The forthcoming matches featuring Chris Billam-Smith’s title defence and Mateusz Masternak’s quest for a world title underscore the fighters’ unwavering determination and resilience.

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