February 27, 2024


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Amazon Announces Matter Casting Support at CES 2024: What You Need to Know

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Amazon Announces Support for Matter Casting at CES 2024

Amazon made a significant announcement at CES 2024 in Las Vegas by introducing support for the Matter open casting standard. This move positions Amazon as the first major company to embrace this new protocol, indicative of the tech giant’s dedication to advancing smart home technology.

What is Matter Casting?

Matter Casting is an open protocol that facilitates the seamless transfer of videos and related content from a compatible app to a hardware device. This functionality is comparable to the widely-used Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast features. With Matter Casting, users can cast content from the Prime Video app to select Amazon hardware devices, with broader compatibility on the horizon.

Expanding Compatibility and Content Partners

Currently, the casting feature is available for the Echo Show 15 smart display, with future plans to extend support to Fire TVs, including models with Fire TV capabilities built in. At present, streaming possibilities are limited to Prime Video, but Amazon has assured users that additional options, such as Plex, Pluto, Sling TV, Starz, and more, will be integrated later in the year.

Open-Source Nature and Industry Support

A notable aspect of Matter Casting is its agnosticism towards smartphone operating systems, allowing integration with any app and hardware brand that wishes to incorporate the feature. As part of the open-source Matter smart home protocol, which enjoys backing from Amazon, Apple, and Google, Matter Casting ensures compatibility across a range of devices.

Industry Dynamics and Future Outlook

While Amazon has expressed its commitment to open standards and simplicity for developers, it’s uncertain whether other tech giants such as Google and Apple will align with this specific casting standard. Despite the industry’s competing casting models, significant players have already begun adopting other facets of the Matter smart home standard, signaling a shift towards unification.

Key Points:

– Amazon introduces support for Matter Casting at CES 2024, becoming the pioneer in adopting this open casting standard.
– Matter Casting enables the seamless transmission of videos and related content from the Prime Video app to compatible Amazon hardware devices.
– Initial compatibility includes the Echo Show 15 smart display, with plans to expand support to Fire TVs and additional streaming services in the near future.
– Matter Casting’s open-source nature allows integration with various apps and hardware makers, promoting widespread adoption across the industry.
– Despite the backing of tech giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google, the industry’s response to Matter Casting remains uncertain, given existing competing casting standards.

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