February 27, 2024


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5 Effective Strategies for Generating Qualified Leads in Uncertain Times: A Guide for Tech Startups and Services Businesses

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Strategies for Generating Qualified Leads in Uncertain Times

In uncertain times, especially for tech startups and services businesses, generating qualified leads becomes paramount for sustaining and growing the organization. In this article, we will explore a powerful strategy known as “Better Together” co-sell GTM, focusing on its significance, impact, and how it can benefit startups and services businesses.

Understanding Co-Selling

Co-selling is a collaborative Go-To-Market (GTM) partnership between Software as a Service (SaaS) companies and major cloud hyperscalers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Through co-selling, these entities jointly develop, market, and sell technology solutions and services to customers. This partnership leverages the sales and customer success teams of the cloud hyperscalers to drive value for existing customers.

The Rise of Co-Sell in Cloud Marketplaces

Since July 2023, co-selling with cloud marketplaces has emerged as a gold standard, essential for establishing prosperous partnerships with cloud services. This approach enhances business opportunities, attracts new customer segments, and unlocks previously untapped revenue streams.

The Transformative Impact of Co-Sell GTM Strategy

Co-sell GTM strategy brings about transformation at three levels concurrently. Firstly, the product is built on a hyperscaler’s cloud infrastructure, leading to product-led growth. Secondly, the joint solution results in usage-based monthly recurring revenue (MRR), reflecting billed revenue or cloud consumption revenue. Finally, the solution-based offer becomes available on cloud marketplaces, facilitating customers to transact and onboard to meet their cloud demand and budget constraints.

The Role of Co-Sell GTM Strategy in Addressing Partner Challenges

The co-sell GTM strategy addresses the challenges faced by partners, including alignment issues, achieving annual recurring revenue (ARR) goals, driving GTM efficiency, opening new routes to market, improving sales productivity, and understanding complex investment planning and return on investment (ROI).

Five Guiding Principles for Crafting Co-Sell GTM Strategy

1. Understand the problem and debunk common myths of the partner experience.
2. Adhere to the #buildfor2030 initiative.
3. Identify the co-sell partner.
4. Prepare essential documents, including co-sell GTM assessment, #BetterTogether company information evaluation, co-sell solution-offer information breakdown, and GTM plays and investment model.

Key Points:

– Co-selling is a collaborative partnership between SaaS companies and major cloud hyperscalers to jointly develop, market, and sell technology solutions and services to customers.
– Co-selling with cloud marketplaces has become essential for establishing prosperous partnerships with cloud services, attracting new customer segments, and unlocking untapped revenue streams.
– The co-sell GTM strategy addresses partner challenges and provides five guiding principles for crafting an effective co-sell strategy.

By understanding and leveraging the “Better Together” co-sell GTM strategy, tech startups and services businesses can enhance their partner experiences, drive growth, and establish trust, ultimately leading to the generation of qualified leads in uncertain times.

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